Welcome to Normandy Omaha

On the D-Day beaches, between Arromanches and Omaha beach, looking out on to the Omaha Beach Gulf and close to the sea, a 800 square metre residence with 4000 square metre of greenery, greenery (former property of a Japanese woman always wearing pink clothes and therefore called " la maison rose") welcomes you for a weekendor a delightful stay in Normandy.

This B&B proposes 3 bedrooms with a bathroom (washbasin, bath and WC) and a family suite with 2 bedrooms and a shower room (washbasin, shower and WC). All the rooms are equipped with a satellite, flat-screen TV. A 50 square metre room is dedicated to reception, relaxation, breakfast and occasional meals. There is also another room specially dedicated to children, with pedagogical games.

Let us imagine Normandy Omaha

Normandy Omaha, a tribute to our liberators, a passion for the golf, a wink of eye to the lady in pink.


Let us imagine little, in this weekend or this stay in Normandy, in this romantic escapade or this family stroll in a historic environment, a cosy house which will become this little piece of heaven, this small port of registry, the very favorite for ever.

Let us imagine Normandy Omaha, a Norman contemporary charm at the heart of the history of France and of the freedom of the world, this lady in pink in this pink house.

Let us imagine and let us put down our suitcases, in this room in the felted luxury, in color pastel, in the perfume potpourri, and in this rest room English-Norman style.

Let us imagine and let us play a green fairy on this green carpet, lined by a sea, shaken by the wind and caressed by your swings.

Let us imagine and let us discover these historic sites, these landing beaches, these museums, this region where the history of the world changed on June 6th, 1944 at about 6 am in the morning.

Let us imagine and let us take a seat at a table where the scent of the tide is present up to this seafood platter, in this terrace with a view of sea where the looks settle with admiration on these uniforms of splendor.

Imagination or reality, a single step to be crossed to free of contemplerune ample sea, share a few moments of life with our liberators, with our fishermen, with our tourists, taste the peace of mind of a bucolic campaign.

Let us go, let us stop imagining, dreaming, it is in Normandy, on the coast of the bessin to Port-en-Bessin Huppain, in the middle of landing beaches, that the reality and the freedom were born, that Normandy Omaha waits for you for a weekend of charm or a stay of golf.

To these small Yankees, come die for the beautiful eyes of our beaches.

We shall never greet enough their young memory for an eternity of tears.